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A To Z Cleaning Services Offers Six Different Cleaning Services.

Perfect for Your Home or Office!

A to Z Cleaning Services offers a wide range of cleaning services including regular cleaning services; spring cleaning services; moving in and moving out cleaning services; house cleaning services; apartment cleaning services and office cleaning services.

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regular cleaning services

Regular cleaning services

Regular cleaning services are usually performed once a week or every other week and a cleaning service typically cleans all the surfaces, dusting the ceiling fan, bookcases, entertainment center and then with the special cleaner cleaning the electronics such as the television and computer.  Other regulars cleaning services include cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.  The last thing a regular housecleaning service provider does is vacuumed up all the dust that has fallen from the furniture.

spring cleaning services

SPRING cleaning services

A to Z Cleaning Services offers spring cleaning which is in-depth cleaning of everything in the household from the windows to the ceilings to the cabinets and the refrigerator.  Homeowners may often asked the cleaning service to help clear out a closet or take down all the curtains and wash and dry them before hanging them back up.  Spring cleaning is a deep overall cleaning up the house on like a regular cleaning which is a good cleaning but doesn't touch on everything in the household.

move in/out cleaning service

MovE in/out cleaning service

Moving in or moving out cleaning service is basically the same because when a person is moving out of there are home or apartment they want everything to be as clean as possible for the new tenants and sometimes a good cleaning is required to receive their deposit back.  Some people like to hire cleaning services before they move into a new house or apartment so that everything is as clean as possible before they can paint the walls were set up their new furniture.

house cleaning services

house cleaning services

House cleaning is similar to regular cleaning, it could be set up once a week or twice a month and a contract is drawn up as to what is cleaned at each visit such as the curtains or the beds or the refrigerator but all regular pieces of furniture are wiped down/dusted and everything is vacuumed or swept and mopped.

apartment cleaning services

Apartment cleaning services

Apartment cleaning services are similar to housecleaning services however apartments are typically smaller and usually contain more items that need to be cleaned around.  However it is important for a cleaning service company to remind their customers to pick up clutter before they arrive.  Things such as clothing, shoes, toys, books or paperwork that the cleaner has no idea where it belongs but needs to clean the surfaces in order to do a thorough job.

office cleaning services

office cleaning services

A to Z Cleaning Services also offers office cleaning services which is unlike housecleaning or apartment cleaning because there are many different rooms and delicate material that I cleaner has to deal with.  Everything must be taken off the desk so the desk could be wiped down however everything must be put back exactly where it was taken from.  They're usually more windows in an office setting than the home and this need to be cleaned on a regular basis because an office needs to portray a clean environment, free from streaks and smudges.  All trash must be emptied every night and the washrooms must be cleaned and sanitized, and the floors must be swept, mopped and vacuumed.  

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