Spring Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning Includes Removing Unwanted Items - Cleaning Every Nook and Cranny

Spring Cleaning Service Many people accumulate items they no longer need but can't find the time or the energy to remove them from their house. These are things they thought they might need or will eventually use such as newspaper clippings, buttons, books, baskets, and extra fan, extra computer parts and the list goes on and on. Many people hoard things without even realizing they're doing it in pretty soon their houses become so full of extra items they find it hard to move around.

Lots of extra items in a house bring lots of extra dirt and dust. It is a good idea to take at least once a year to clean up the house of as much clutter as possible. A to Z Cleaning Services provides spring cleaning to help keep a person's house clean and fresh and clutter free for as long as the owners can maintain it.

Once the clutter has been removed by the owner, which may take some time because it took some time to accumulate all the extra pieces and piles of items, then the A to Z Cleaning Services will come into the home and do a thorough spring cleaning from the top to the bottom making the house not only smelled clean and fresh but it is really clean.

Spring cleaning is like the original regular cleaning only supercharged with more cleaning involved. Beginning in the kitchen everything is wiped down and clean and extra well including the windows from inside, cabinets, doors and walls. The refrigerator and oven are cleaned thoroughly and this would also be the time to clean out under the sink or perform any odd jobs that only need to be done once a year or once every six months.

In the living room everything is wiped down, including the electronics and ceiling fan. Perhaps the closets are reorganized; the books on the bookshelves are taken down and wiped off and put back; drapes and shades need to be taken down and wash before putting back up and then once the dust settles everything is vacuumed.

In the bathroom everything is scrubbed clean and perhaps the shower curtain is taken down and if it is a cloth shower curtain it is put in the washing machine and if it is a vinyl shower curtain it could be scrubbed out on the lawn and then come back up to dry. All mirrors and windows need to be washed and dried so there are no streaks left behind. This is also a good time for the homeowner to throw out any unused or expired medication.

In the bedroom the mattresses are stripped and sometimes flipped and new sheets are put on after everything is and wipe down and vacuumed. The drapes are taken down and the shades are wiped clean while the drapes are in the wash. Then everything is hung back making the bedroom clean and spotless.

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