Apartment Cleaning Services

Apartment Cleaning Services Many cleaning service companies specialize in apartment cleaning. These Apartment cleaning services clean both apartments that are occupied and those that are unoccupied.

Apartment cleaning services that clean on occupied apartments would do so after the apartment dwellers had vacated the premises moving on to a know their apartment or a house with their own. The apartment cleaning services would clean all of the walls and cabinets, brushing the ceilings with a broom to make sure there are no cobwebs; cleaning ceiling fans of dirt and dust; cleaning permanent light fixtures on the walls and ceilings in addition to wiping down all countertops or built-in bookcases.

An apartment cleaning service that is cleaning an empty apartment would then go to work in the kitchen, making sure that the countertops are clean and the cabinets have been wiped clean up all grease from cooking. Then the refrigerator needs to be spotless, cleaned out of any food residue and restored to its natural white color. And then the stove top and oven both need to be cleaned up burnt food remains, making sure all the chrome shines and the oven smells clean and fresh.

And next there is the bathroom which needs to be cleaned and made fresh from the toilet to the tub and the entire tile. Special bathroom cleaners and bleach should be used in the bathroom area because the bathroom contains the most germs.

If there are any windows or sliding glass doors in the apartment, then the cleaning services company would clean those on both sides and then mopping and vacuuming would be the last thing a cleaning company would do in an empty apartment in order to have it ready for the next tenants to move in.

Apartment cleaning services also clean apartments that have people living in them just as they do occupy homes. The apartment cleaning services would clean the kitchen, making sure all the surfaces are wiped down and floors are swept and mopped. Then they would move to the living room or family room and begin in one place starting at the top and work their way in a circular pattern around the room so as not to miss anything and be as efficient as possible. A cleaning company begins at the top of the room or the highest point in the rooms such as the ceiling fan or the highest bookcase because dust falls downward and lands on the carpet or hardwood floors which would be cleaned last.

Cleaning a bathroom in an apartment is not unlike cleaning a bathroom and a home however it is smaller and therefore the person doing the cleaning must be careful of the apartment dwellers personal items. Items could be knocked over fairly easily in a small space especially when someone is using the dust rag or can of spray.

Apartment cleaning services on not that much different then a home cleaning service, they could both be done while the dwelling is occupied or unoccupied however the apartment complexes are usually smaller and apartment cleaning services usually do the entire building at one time which adds up to more billable hours.

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