Apartment Cleaning Service

Apartments Require a Different Style of Cleaning

Apartment cleaning services require special care because tenants have signed an agreement when they first arrived to maintain the property in addition to keeping it clean because when several people live in a confined area there is the attraction for bugs or rodents unless the area is kept clean.

Apartment cleaning is basically like any other house cleaning only it is smaller. The cleaning service of A to Z Cleaning Services began cleaning an apartment the same way they do a house; from the top down and in a circular motion around the room so they don't miss anything.

Beginning in the bedroom or living room they start with the ceiling fan and make sure this wiped down and contains no more dust and possibly spray it with a wood finish polish that repels dust so that next time they clean, there will not be as much dust buildup on the ceiling fan. They allow the dust to fall on the floor because the war is the last thing they will be cleaning.

If there are any high bookcases or the entertainment center with the TV on it, these all get wiped down allowing the dust to fall on the floor to be vacuumed up at the last minute. Beginning with a bookshelf, all the books are dusted from top to bottom and then the made or cleaner moves to their left and onto the next item allowing the dirt to fall on the floor.

Once an entire room has been wiped down and sprayed with cleaner, all the furniture, walls and electronics, then it's time to vacuum up the dirt. The cleaner works from the far corner of the room vacuuming back-and-forth until he or she has vacuumed the entire room and is now standing in the doorway with a completely clean room.

Apartment bathrooms are very small and yet they can be the dirtiest place in the entire apartment. Bleach works well on toilets, bathtubs and sinks however there are special antibacterial cleaners that killed germs better than bleach. Once a month the shower curtain should be taken down and if it is made of cloth, it could be put in the washing machine or if it is made of vinyl, it could be scrubbed with soapy water out on the lawn because mold and mildew builds up on shower curtains.

If the apartment is not empty and this is a weekly or twice monthly cleaning for the apartment dweller, it is important to ask the tenants to pick up any clutter such as shoes on the floor, books on the table, clothing on the floor or on the back of chairs so that the made or cleaner can work in their special system without having to stop to pick up clutter which is not part of their job description.

Apartment cleaning does not require as much time, that is if it is not as dirty, as a household would unless there are special jobs such as cleaning out the refrigerator or oven.

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