Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Service There are several things a homeowner could do to prevent serious damage to his carpet. Even if he hires a Carpet Cleaning Service to come in on a regular basis, cleaning up a spill on carpeting as quickly as possible is the key to dealing with spills on carpeting, no matter what type of spill.

Whether you are cleaning up milk, wine or some type of paint, the quicker you blot up the spill and then clean it with the proper cleaning solution, the faster the stain will come out and not set. Blotting is the simple act of pressing a cloth down on the spill or stain for a second or two and then gentle lifting the cloth up. There is no rubbing or scrubbing involved in blotting up a stain.

Some stains are water based and therefore it is a good idea to use water to help break down the stain and soak it up with a cloth. Terrycloth wash clothes or towels work very well to help soak up the excess liquids from thick carpeting.

With hardwood flooring, it is best to use a dry cloth to soak up as much of the liquid as possible and then mop up what is left with a cleaning fluid that is specifically formulated for the hardwood flooring.

For a water-based paint spill on a carpet, blot the spill up with a wet washcloth. Be sure to blot the stain and not to rub it because rubbing caused the paint to spread and grab on to the fibers and then it stains easier.

For a shag carpet and gum it is best to take an ice cube and freeze the gum so it is easier to pull it out. Pull out the majority of the gum or scrap it out but there will probably be small pieces left that will not come out and be stuck to the carpet fibers. Never cut the carpet because you will have a hole where the gum was and this will damage the look of your carpet unless you plan on placing a couch or table over the spot where there is now a hole. Try the ice cube trick, it really works wonders.

For wool carpet, use dry cleaning methods and not a wet cloth. There are specially made products that help soak up and remove stains from a wool carpet. The stain should be blotted with a very damp cloth or dry cloth. Then a foam cleaner could be applied and once it dries, vacuum it up to break up and remove the stain.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for whatever type of flooring you currently have in your home. This way, if there is any warranty left on the flooring, you have followed their directions and could receive a rebate on a portion of the cleaning or damages.

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