Extra Task Cleaning - Extra Time Required

Extra Task Cleaning - Extra Time Required Many people hire cleaning services to come to their home once a week or even twice a week to clean their homes so that they might spend more time with their family or doing other things they deem important but still need to have the house clean.

Once a person hires a cleaning service, they must agree on what needs to be clean and when. If the cleaning services coming to your home on a regular basis, such as once a week or once every other week, than a normal cleaning routine might include cleaning the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, den or finished basement and an office or children's playroom.

A home cleaning service would clean the kitchen from top to bottom making sure all the surfaces are wiped clean such as the cabinets and countertops and including the top of the stove; however this may not include the inside of the oven or the refrigerator. Special arrangements would need to be made with your home cleaning services company so that they might come out on a different day specifically to clean the oven or the inside the refrigerator or allow for extra time on their regular day to perform these tasks can and of course there would be an extra charge for this extra cleaning. Many homeowners have their ovens and refrigerators cleaned in the spring and fall, only twice a year, and then simply clear out everything themselves from the refrigerator as much as possible at other times.

On a regular visit a home cleaning service might dust bookshelves and wipe the cabinets and walls with a damp cloth to keep the dust from building up; however this is not deep cleaning up these items. Again a special day or time would have to be arranged for deep cleaning of bookcases, cabinets and walls with the cleaning service company so that they might take their time and use a bucket of soapy water and really give the cabinets in the kitchen a good scrubbing to get all the grease from the cooking off the cabinets and all the dust in the living room, dining room and other rooms with cabinets and walls as clean as possible.

Washing windows are something many cleaning service companies will do only in good weather such as the spring and fall and usually have a special rate for window washing and shutter cleaning if done at the same time. One must check with their house cleaning company to see if they do windows because several companies do not have insurance that allows them to perform window cleaning. Window cleaning also would have to be scheduled on a special day for it takes a very long time to complete a task such as window cleaning depending on the amount of windows a home has.

If the house cleaning service company comes once a week to your home you might have them launderer the bed linen or changed the bed linens with fresh ones which does not take that much more time although it would be considered an extra expense in most cases.

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