First Time Cleaning Requires More Time

First Time Cleaning Requires More Time Before a homeowner calls to receive a free housecleaning estimate or goes online and plugs in the number of rooms their house has to see how much it would cost to clean their home, they must realize that the first time a house cleaning company comes out to their home; it will be more expensive than subsequent visits.

The first cleaning visit to any home is more expensive because it is like spring cleaning in which your house is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom.  There are parts of your house that may not have been cleaned in a long time and this takes time so therefore the first house cleaning visit will be the longest visit in the house cleaning company will make, unless there is a special occasion cleaning needed.

The first time a cleaning company comes out to a home, they cleaned everything from the windows (inside), stove and inside the oven, the refrigerator and freezer, all the surfaces, the walls and ceilings – including the ceiling fans, vacuuming and mopping and if you prefer, helping to organize papers and other items that have gotten out of control so that your house is clean and organized after the first visit.  Then on subsequent house cleaning visits, the cleaner will not have to spend as much time in each room because the majority of the cleaning will be lighter than the first time.

The first time a house cleaner goes to a homeowner’s home, they may spend several hours in rooms like the bathroom, cleaning the dirt and grime which may have accumulated over the years in the nooks and crannies of the grout and tile.  A house cleaning company uses special tools and brushes along with special powerful dirt busting cleaning products to make your shower, tub and entire bathroom shine as if it were brand-new.

Some homeowner’s may want their furniture cleaned and polished if it is wood or vacuumed if it is cloth. This may take more time in the beginning because the items may not have been thoroughly cleaned in a long time and they need a good cleaning.

There are many areas of a house that the cleaning crew could clean the first time out and then not have to clean again for a while because they don’t get as dirty as something like carpet or shelves full of nic-knacks.  

Other homeowners may want the cleaning crew to concentrate on the kitchen, washing and drying and re-organizing all of the every day plates and cups or the special occasion china.  Kitchens also pose a distinctive cleaning atmosphere in which grease and grime and sometimes old food particles have adhered themselves to the area around the oven, stove top or microwave.  Good grease cutting cleaning product and a lot of ‘elbow grease’ is needed to remove years of built up cooking residue from the kitchen so that it too sparkles and shines.  And the cleaning crew will not forget the ceiling where grease often splatters and leaves unsightly yellow marks.

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