Good Cleaning Habits

Good Cleaning Habits Many families want to hire a cleaning service but fear they don't have enough funds in their budget. There are several things a family could do to make the cleaners job easier so that the cleaning lady is not there as long and doesn't need to do as much, thus saving the family money. Good Cleaning Habits such as daily chores that even children could help out with in order to cut the cleaning lady's task list down. Children could make their beds and take out the garbage on a daily basis to take some of the daily chores out of the hands of the cleaner and help the family save money.

After someone in the family takes a shower, they could spray the shower with a rinse or a self-cleaning agent that helps to keep mold and mildew at bay. This way the cleaning lady will only have to perform heavy duty cleaning duties on the bathroom shower about once a week.

Plus, while in the bathroom, pick up the dirty clothes and dirty and wet towels. If they are too wet to place in the hamper to await washing, then hang them over the shower curtain to dry before placing them in the hamper for the cleaner to launder them. Every little bit of picking up helps save time and money.

In the kitchen area, whoever prepares the meals could load the dishwasher with the dirty dishes for the cleaning lady to run. The individual who loads the dishwasher could even turn it on and that way the cleaning lady only has to be concerned with emptying the dishes when she arrives. This will save her time and the family money.

Another light type of chore someone from the family could do on a daily basis or at least perform every other day would be sweeping the tile flooring. This would help the cleaner so that she could simply dry mop or go over it with a quick broom and then mop it instead of having to use a lot of time with the broom.

There is a lot that could be done in the kitchen to help save the family money and the cleaner time. In addition to sweeping the floors, someone could wipe down the counter tops after preparing and serving a meal. Crumbs and spills seem to accumulate on a counter top every day and rather than leave them build up, someone could wipe off the counter after each meal or each use of the counter so that the sticky residue and crumbs do not buildup to a larger mess. It is a good idea to catch the crumbs in your hand or a dust pan or you will have to sweep the floor again.

If a family generally straightens up after themselves, each picking up and being responsible for themselves, then the family home will stay cleaner longer and the cleaning person will not have to work as hard or stay as long and save the family money.

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