Medical Office Cleaning Services

Medical Office Cleaning Services Medical office cleaning services companies have special training when it comes to cleaning medical offices because there is delicate equipment and supplies they need to be handled with the utmost care.

Medical office buildings have all different types of medical offices and services located within the buildings in therefore cleaning each office requires different cleaning strategies.

A pediatrician's office would require more time spent in the waiting room cleaning and disinfecting toys then say a dermatologist office that does not have a lot of heavy equipment, toys or supplies. A pediatrician's office would have toys in the waiting room that need to be cleaned and disinfected against germs that are spread easily between children, the floors vacuumed and mopped, the reception area cleaned with a disinfectant and all the door handles and see us within the patient rooms also need to be disinfected because cold germs and flu viruses travel by way of hand contact on doorknobs. The bathrooms must also be disinfected with a strong chemical disinfectant especially during the cold and flu seasons.

A dermatologist office does not have a lot of heavy equipment that needs to be wiped down or disinfected and thus they will not take as long to clean as a pediatrician's office or some type of specialist’s office with a lot of heavy equipment. Some of the heavy equipment needs special lens cleaning wipes and special soft cloths or sprays to make sure the equipment is safe from scratches, waxy buildup or common dust.

A medical office building also contains samples of drugs and therefore the office cleaning service company needs to make sure their workers are bonded against theft and then none of them are tempted to take any of the drugs just as if they were working in the bank, sometimes the drugs are locked up. If the drugs are left out by accident, they are to be left exactly where they were found and the countertop wipe down as normal.

Their computers to clean, Xerox machines and telephones on top of desks which all need to be wiped down usually on a daily basis because doctors want their offices to look nice and clean for each new patient of the day. Emptying the trash is another duty in the office cleaning service company would need to perform on a daily basis.

A note about emptying the trash; there are red boxes for needle disposals however sometimes people forget and throw away a needle from an injection into the trash can. It is important to carry a trash bag away from your body so that your legs or arms do not accidentally get punctured by a stray needle that found its way into the trash. This is a rare occurrence but it does happen once in a while and could be harmful to the office cleaning service company employee because no one knows what's in the needle or if they might be allergic to what was in the needle.

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