Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning Services Have Many Rooms, Areas to Clean Before Workers Arrive

A to Z Cleaning Services offers office cleaning services which are different from home and apartment cleaning services. Office cleaning services require a cleaning service company to handle delicate information that may be left on someone's desk with the utmost care and remain discreet and not share any information.

When cleaning someone's desk the cleaning service people picked up the papers and wiped the desk down and put the papers back exactly where they found them. Everything must be wiped down, usually on a daily basis, and this includes the telephone which is usually wipe down with a sanitary cloth to kill all germs; the computer screen and keyboard must be wiped down because many germs hide on the keyboard from people who do not wash their hands regularly or eat at their desks.

Cleaning someone's desk is only the first thing the cleaning crew must do when cleaning in office. They must make sure there is no dust near the copier or other delicate machinery. They wiped down all the bookshelves, mail carts and drinking fountains. There could be many cubicles and several offices that need dusting or vacuuming without disturbing any of the photographs or notes pinned to the cubicle walls. Some offices have glass walls which need to be wiped down every day to get rid of fingerprints and smears.

A large rolling trash can is moved throughout the office emptying all trash can at each individual desk. An additional trash can would be needed for recyclable paper and shredded papers.

Some offices have a ‘bank’ of computers in a special room that needs to be dusted every day with a special cleaner to make sure static electricity does not build up in the room or any dust particles get inside the computers.

Other rooms the cleaning services need to concentrate on is the lunchroom, cleaning the microwave and cleaning out the refrigerator probably once a week but with this, it would be nice to leave a note for the employees stating that the refrigerator will be cleaned out on Fridays or whatever day the cleaning crew chooses to give warning to those who might want to keep something in the refrigerator.

The employee washrooms are another special room that requires a lot of attention. Many of the restrooms have more than one stall and require daily cleaning in addition to emptying of the trash. There are sometimes large, one-piece mirrors instead of individual nears that need to be wiped down and made sure there are no smears. Also, soap dispensers need to be refilled daily in addition to the paper towel holders and then the floor needs to be swept and mopped leaving the bathroom clean and fresh.

Some of the ladies restrooms may have couches or chairs in the front area of the restroom which need to be cleaned by either dusting them off or taking the hose from the vacuum cleaner and vacuuming the upholstery and then vacuuming the carpeted area.

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