Tips and Tricks in Home Cleaning Services

Tips and Tricks in Home Cleaning Services There are many tricks and tips home cleaning services like to share with their customers who clean their own homes to help them save time, energy and money to get the job done faster and better.

To begin with before you start cleaning your home, make sure you were wearing comfortable, lightweight clothing and shoes, preferably closed toe style in case one might drop something, and something you wouldn't mind getting dirty.

Have a prepared bucket of cleaning supplies to bring around the house with you every time you clean your home so you do not have to search for everything you need, it's always in one place in handy to carry from room to room. The cleaning bucket should contain furniture polish, glass cleaner, cleaning rags, paper towels, bathroom cleanser and kitchen cleanser and any other cleaning supplies you feel your home needs to stay fresh and clean.

Cleaning services have a special way of working when they clean a home and that is they start in one area of the room and work to the left or the right and stay in that direction until they have worked in the complete circle around the room. This prevents them from missing any spots and making sure everything is cleaned properly. Another factor in the properly cleaned home is to start at the top and work your way down with dusting and vacuuming because dust falls downward.

Here are several other cleaning tips and tricks cleaning services use when cleaning homes that help save money and time:

  • Two Alka-Seltzer tablets dropped in the toilet and allowed to fizz for a few moments and then switch the brush around gives a toilet a sparkling clean finish with a minty fresh smell.
  • If you have children and they love to use your walls for their artwork with crayons, a little WD-40 spray on the crayon markings and then rubbed clean one help remove the colored markings.
  • Baby wipes are great for spot cleaning, even Kool-Aid or red wine stains on carpets.
  • Don't forget to look up in the corners were cobwebs like to hide, take out your broom and swipe them away.
  • There are two ways to remove candle wax from carpet or upholstery. The first way is with ice cubes. Freezing the wax until it is nice and hard and then cracking the wax with a hard surface such as the backend of the knife or other blunt object and picking up the pieces are vacuuming up the pieces. Or the opposite which would be taking a brown paper bag and placing it over the wax and placing a warm iron over the wax too melted a little, make sure you do not have the iron on so high so that it further ruins the carpet or furniture, but only makes the wax warm enough to peel off the surface it is stuck to or transfers to the brown bag. This also works well for linen tablecloths.
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