How to Clean Kitchen Stove

How to Clean Kitchen Stove The kitchen stove is used everyday in many families across the country, especially now with everyone trying to save money by eating at home more often. Cleaning the kitchen stove is a simple procedure and will take a few steps, some good quality cleaning products, something like Fantastic cleaner or better yet, Easy Off oven cleaner, some pre-filled detergent scrubbing pads such as Brillo or SOS pads and a lot of elbow grease.

Step 1: Make sure the stove is turned off, whether it is gas or electric does not matter. Be sure that all the knobs are in the off position before introducing water to the stove top.

Step 2: Remove all items such as spices or spoons rests from the stove top and wipe them off with a washcloth that has been dipped in warm soapy water and rung out. Put these items on the kitchen table to be replaced when finished.

Step 3: Prepare a grease-cutting formula with a high quality grease fighting detergent of dish soap and warm water.

Step 4: Take the knobs off the stove top, making sure they remain in the 'off' position. These could be placed in the bucket or sink of warm soapy water and let to soak a few minutes before cleaning, especially if they are greasy or have burned on food particles.

Step 5: Next thing to do would be to take off the burners. The electric ones pull out of a plug and the gas ones should simply lift up. Each of these could be put in the warm soapy water and let to soak or scrubbed with the prefilled scrubbing pads to get all the baked on food off. Depending on how long it's been since the last cleaning, this may take a while and more elbow grease from an individual.

Step 6: Some of the stove tops may have metal pans underneath the burners and this need to be cleaned as well. If they are not too dirty, they can be wiped down with a dishcloth, however if they have baked on food or burnt food particles, they should be removed and soaked in the warm soapy water to loosen the food. Some scrubbing might be necessary with an SOS pad or something like Comet powder.

Step 7: The flat kitchen stoves or electric stoves need a special cream solution made with the Comet and water, made into a paste, in order to scrub away some of the stains and baked on food particles.

Step 8: When getting ready to return the pans to their place on the stove, some people like to wrap them in foil in order to keep them clean and to catch all the drippings and messes that fall from pots over boiling and food that slips out of pans when transferring the food to a plate or serving dish. By using foil, the next time the stove needs cleaning, it will be much easier because one would only have to remove the foil and wipe the pans clean.

Step 9: Replace the burners and wipe the rest of the stove down with a dishcloth soaked in the soapy water. Then go over the stove with a dishcloth that has been dipped and rung out from clear water to make sure the entire soap residue is removed.

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