How to Clean LCD TV Screens

How to Clean LCD TV Screens Because the 'L' in LCD stands for liquid and it is very important to realize there are several items a person must not use when cleaning their LCD TV screens because these cleaning products and cleaning tools could damage the screen with no way to recover the original product's luster and clarity.

One must never use a product containing ammonia or bleach like that found in the commercial product Windex which will react with the plastic and cause discoloration and cloudiness. The cloudiness will often look as if there is a tornado or fog rolling in over the screen and the picture on the television will be hard to see. The same goes for any discoloration, the picture will be green or orange, and the most often used colors in producing color television.

In addition, it is very important not to use anything abrasive, sharp or pointy when cleaning the screen. Never use paper towels or paper products for they will scratch the surface of the screen, leaving deep grooves in the plastic where dirt and grim will build up quicker and require cleaning more often. These deep grooves will also make it difficult to see the picture and cast shadows on the screen.

There are expensive chemicals specifically made for LCD TV screens that could be purchased in computer stores; however there are also homemade alternatives that would save a homeowner money and work just as well on their LCD TV screen to keep it clean and dirt free. If a person were to read the ingredients label on some of the expensive cleaners, they would find that their recipe were often similar to that one could make at home.

A soft cloth or microfiber cloth and distilled water, which could be purchased for around a dollar at the supermarket, works wonders on the LCD screen. Do not use tap water because it will leave streaks and mineral deposits behind.

Another way to clean the LCD screen is to dilute, with distilled water, white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol also known as rubbing alcohol. The best cloth to use, if one can not afford a microfiber cloth, is a cloth diaper or old, soft t-shirt with no imprints on it. These types of clothes are soft and will not scratch or damage the liquid crystal screen and since they are larger, they will help to clean the entire screen in less time and with fewer streaks.

When cleaning an LCD television screen, never spray any of the solutions, even those made specifically for the screen, directly onto the screen. Always spray the concoction onto the soft cloth and just enough to be a little damp, not overly wet. Too much liquid could ruin the LCD screen's pixels.

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